Exhaust Silencer
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Exhaust Silencer

ISTIQ EXHAUST SILENCER come in standard, stock silencers for general-purpose applications and custom models to fit most OEM engines. These include:

  • MODEL IXP - Multi-Chamber Reactive Type Attenuation - 30 dB
  • MODEL IXS - Straight Through Absorptive Type Attenuation - 20 dB
  • MODEL IXC - Supercritical or Combination Attenuation - 35 dB


ISTIQ EXHAUST SILENCER are designed to efficiently reduce inlet and discharge noise of diesel engines, blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors and all situations requiring control of intake or outlet equipment noise.


All silencers are constructed from heavy gauge hot rolled cold quenched sheet steel with all welded construction. Internal components are stiffened and braced to minimise resonances and vibration induced fatigue. Flanges are supplied to Table C or American National Standard Institute (ANSI) requirement. Threaded pipe ends are to BSP or metric threads. Drain plugs are fitted as standard for removal of condensate. All external surfaces are finished with high quality silicone based heat resistant aluminium paint which provides lasting protection at temperatures up to 600oC.

Selection Guidelines

When designing an exhaust system there are a number of factors that should be considered to maximize the design in terms of performance and cost. A few of the items that should be taken into consideration include:
  • Acoustic Environment into which exhaust is discharging
  • Engine Rating, i.e. - exhaust flow
  • Allowable engine back pressure
  • Engine exhaust outlet noise level
  • Engine Exhaust Outlet Design, i.e. single or dual outlets
  • Exhaust Piping Arrangement within engine room
  • Exhaust Piping Support, Anchoring, and Guiding
  • Exhaust Stack Height
  • Configuration of Exhaust Silencers, i.e. single or dual inlet
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