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Studio Acoustical System

As Audio & Video equipments cost much lower than before, the industry of Professional or semi-Professional audio recording becomes significantly accessible to more enthusiasts.

However, the importance of the studio environment, especially on Acoustics is often overlooked, as it is not a tangible matter like the AV hardwares. As one certainly cannot attain an excellent mic-recorded sound with top-of-the-shelf equipments in a bad sounding room, ISTIQ Noise Control is here to help you achieve excellent acoustics from a cost-effective point of view.

Recording facilities are also difficult to be separated from suburban/city areas where large portion of the demand comes from.
High population in these areas translates into the incorporation of Studios into office buildings and multi-story dwellings. Noise disturbance had become a serious issue involving lawsuits, and ISTIQ is ready to provide Soundproofing advice and services to overcome this common yet ill-advised matter.

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