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ISTIQ Acoustic Steel Door

In a situation where there can be leaks around a door, through which sound can pass, there will be reduced sound attenuation. Therefore, not only does the fabrication period of ISTIQ ACOUSTIC DOOR is carried out in great care, but also the installation process is meticulously done to ensure high performance and quality. The importance of good sealing method can never be underestimated. A door with a reduction factor of 40dB with a leakage factor of only 1% will have a true reduction of 20dB.


ISTIQ ACOUSTIC DOOR are excellent for sound attenuation and fire resistant performance within certain environments that need a control of sound transmission through doorways. Typical applications are as the following:
  • music rehearsal areas
  • control rooms
  • recording studios
  • hotels and hospitals
  • office buildings
  • plant rooms
  • genset room


ISTIQ ACOUSTIC DOOR come in two different types; steel and timber. They are designed to have a combination of superb acoustic performance with attractive finishes and easy installation.
The doors consist of door leaves that contain an acoustic infill, selected to provide high damping and minimum acoustic coupling to ensure high transmission loss.
The outer and inner skins are of two different thicknesses to control the resonance effect. The doors come in complete sets that include frames, latch, locking system, hinges and door closer where applicable.
For steel doors, high gauge steel is used in constructing the door frame to rigidly support the door leaves. Due to the heavy weight of the door leaves, a special designed adjustable ball bearing hinges are use to ease the opening and closing of the door.
For timber doors, high quality veneer finishes are used to ensure best performance and aesthetically satisfying.

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