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Acoustic Louvers

Whenever space is the limiting factor in designing Acoustic Treatment system, ISTIQ ACOUSTIC LOUVERS are the best bet to solving the problem. Serving a dual functions - reducing the noise and at the same time performs as weather louvers, ISTIQ LOUVERS is easy to install.
Aesthetically pleasing, they consist of fabricated metal louver blades with acoustic infill, alternated with air gaps and fitted into a four sided metal case.


Because of their excellent noise reduction capability, ISTIQ ACOUSTIC LOUVERS can be used in almost any situation which need to control the noise but at the same time must permit the flow of air. The modular design and wide range of sizes and finishes allows them to be used in most industrial or commercial projects. They are ideal for use in any of the following applications:
  • Plant room ventilation
  • Air conditioning plants
  • Power stations
  • Cooling towers
  • Diesel generator sets Canopy
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Pump Houses
  • Ventilation exhaust plenum chambers


ISTIQ ACOUSTIC LOUVERS come in two models - Model Lx and Model Ly. Each model offers of two different length, 300mm and 600mm. The maximum single unit available is 2400mm width and 2400mm in height. If a bigger size is required, it can be done through combination of modules.


ISTIQ ACOUSTIC LOUVERS consist of fabricated metal blades with acoustic infill placed internally. The open area between each blade has been carefully designed to gain maximum acoustic performance and minimum airflow resistance. The casings are fabricated from galvanised iron or mild steel and have folded flanges both at the front and back. This design provides extra rigidity and the means for fixing the louvre blades in position. A bird guard, manufactured from 25mm square galvanized wire, can be supplied fitted to the rear face of all models, if required.

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