Blower Silencer
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Blower Silencer

Normally, there are two basic types of silencers used in the industry. The one is reactive type silencer which creates series of cross-sectional discontinuities which results in reflection of sound waves back to the source. The design consists of a series of expansion chambers connected with interconnecting tubes. This type is generally used to treat the low frequency pulsations. The other type is more sophisticated combination chamber absorption type design in which acoustical pack sections are added to reactive design to treat the high frequency pulsations. The acoustic energy propagating through the silencer is converted into heat energy in combination silencers for noise reduction.

For centrifugal compressors, impellor blade passage frequency is usually the noise concern requiring treatment. Absorptive silencers are usually the right silencer for the job for open inlet and discharge silencers on centrifugal compressors. However, when low frequency noise is also a problem, reactive-absorptive silencers may be appropriate solution.

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