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ISTIQ Noise Blanket Barriers are designed to easily attach to any existing construction fence and are designed to control the noise temporarily during the construction stage. Construction site noise is generated by equipment such as piling, hacking, drilling punching, and excavation machine.

Our easy-install temporary noise barriers take very little effort to mount on any existing fence or scaffolding making them cost-efficient as well as effective. Metal Grommets are sewn into the canvas blankets for quick and easy attachment to any existing structure. 

ISTIQ Acoustic Blankets are lightweight, manufactured to various widths and lengths. Site noise test has shown that with proper installation, it has the ability to reduce noise between 15 to 20 dB.

ISTIQ Acoustic Blanket consists of 50 mm thick absorption infill that compress to 30 mm thickness wrapped with high-grade nylon and come with size:-

Width (mm)

Height (mm)








TEMPORARY Noise Barrier Attached to Existing NJB




A Temporary Noise Blanket Barrier designed by ISTIQ, suitable for construction to reduce the piling machine at the site by attaching it to the existing concrete barrier to give more stability at narrow space (at middle of the road).

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