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ISTIQ Audiobox are specially designed for portable sound proofing applications for sound recording, mixing and audio production ranging from professional artists to small in-house projects. This movable structure are designed to block out external noise and sound. ISTIQ Audiobox are also suitable to be used as a live room, isolation booths and control rooms where the key goal is to isolate noise and to have the most accurate recording acoustical properties.

ISTIQ Audiobox are also equipped with ventilation systems to ensure adequate airflow and comfortable temperature levels inside the booth. They are available in different sizes, designs, and price ranges, and can be custom-built to meet specific needs and requirements.

ISTIQ Audiobox are also designed to keep sound inside. Thus it is also perfect to be used as a practice room, rehearsal or jammings without interrupting neighbours. With a good ventilation system, users can practice with loud instruments for hours.
Various applications to be used for;
1. Recording Studio
2. Voice Over Booth
3. Jamming Studio
4. Practice Room
5. Phone Booth

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