Manufacturing/Fabrication Internship

To assist Production executive on daily production routine
Planning & scheduling
Material procurement
Quality control

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General Fabrication Workers @ Helper @ Pekerja Am Fabrikasi

1. Membantu melakukan kerja-kerja fabrikasi logam seperti Marking, Cutting, Bending, Fitting, Welding dan Assemble.
2. Membantu tim pemasangan untuk kerja-kerja di tapak projek.
3. Membantu memastikan kebersihan tempat kerja sentiasa terjaga

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Site Supervisor

• To supervise subcontractors in daily operations.
• To coordinate daily operations among subcontractors and main contractor.
• To report to the Project Manager on regular basis including any site obstructions.

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Internship Student (Marketing)

Assist Sales & Marketing Department in daily routine job.

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Basic Job Description:

lay out, fit and fabricate metal components to assemble structural forms, knowledge of welding techniques, metallurgy and engineering requirements.
Includes experimental welders who analyze engineering drawings and specifications to plan welding operations where procedural information is unavailable.

Job Duties and tasks for welder-fitter:

Able to use SMAW, GTAW or FCAW to tack welds or welds components and assemblies.
Able to use shearing machine, powered or hand saw cutting to cut a workpiece.
Able to use measuring instrument such as a micrometer or caliper.
Able to prepares, assembles and joins a wide range of metals and metal alloys. Able to choose and operate the correct equipment, process and methodology depending upon the material being joined.
Able to work on site preparation, construction, and the repair and maintenance of structures.
Can work in many locations and situations.
Able to using thermal cutting processes and should be able to identify and follow the correct preparation for joining as applied to the type, thickness and intended use of the joint. They use grinding and cutting equipment to prepare and finish welded joints.
Able to interpret engineering working drawings, standards and symbols correctly translate these requirements into accurate structures and products.
Need to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of safe working procedures and personal protection equipment. They need to gain specific knowledge of a wide range of welding equipment and processes as well as a good working knowledge of metallurgy.

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Junior Draughtsman

1. To produce 2D & 3D drawing
2. To ensure all drawing requisition can be completed on time and with accepted quality.
3. To maintain good filing system.

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